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Do you want to come to a spotless and toxin-free workspace? We offer flexible one time, monthly, bi-weekly and weekly cleaning services in Boulder.




As many offices today have cleaning services come in when employees are out, we sometimes forget that layers after layers of dangerous chemicals that these cleaners bring with them are regularly applied to desks, kitchens, and common areas. Not only that these chemicals pose serious health risks to people, they also impact and pollute the environment. Most common office cleaners contain ammonia, chlorine, and formaldehyde that are unsafe under prolonged exposure. You may be realizing this just now, but that lemon scent on your office tabletop may not be worth the trip to the emergency room at all.

Here’s where we come in. Clean Conscience offers a safer alternative to these conventional cleaners. We offer professional, effective, and reliable cleaning services minus the harmful and potentially health-threatening cleaning chemicals. With Clean Conscience, you won’t have to choose between clean and safe. You can rest assured that you and your employees will enjoy a clean and toxin-free workplace.

Do your business a favor and experience Clean Conscience now – for a clean, worry-free, and healthy workplace.

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