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When you choose Clean Conscience, you can be assured that you are also choosing a reliable, effective, and expertly-trained team that will leave your beloved home spotless and healthy for your family and pets.





• Complete dusting
• Remove cobwebs
• Dust ceiling fans
• Vacuum all carpets
• Wash all floors
• Clean mirrors and glass surfaces
• Wipe window sills and base boards
• Clean glass doors
• Spot clean doors / door frames
• Change linens / make beds (optional)
• Empty all waste baskets


• Clean stove top, drip pans & hood
• Vacuum and mop floors
• Spot clean cabinet faces and drawers
• Clean counter tops and appliance exteriors
• Clean microwave inside and out
• Clean sink, stoppers and knobs
• Clean refrigerator front, top and seals
• Empty sink / load dishwasher


• Clean and sanitize, sinks, faucets, toilets
• Clean and sanitize tubs and showers
• Clean mirrors
• Dust light fixtures and bulbs
• Wash floors
• Spot clean cabinets/woodwork


A number of off-the-shelf cleaners contain a lot of potentially-harmful industrial chemicals that could put yourself, your family, and the environment at serious risk. Common household cleaners contain chlorine, ammonia, and formaldehyde that, under prolonged exposure, are known to cause serious health problems.

Clean Conscience uses only the most effective cleaning products without these harmful chemicals. You can be assured that you will experience an expert-cleaning care that will leave your home clean and 100% healthy.